Agricultural Diesel Solutions

Having worked with many other producers of Ag performance modules, we know their capabilities ... and their limitations.

We have listened to our customers and know their concerns and disappointments with other brands of diesel performance modules. Our agricultural diesel modules are built with the end user and their bottom line in mind. At AgDiesel, we are the Canadian distributor of Agricultural Diesel Solution performance modules.  

  • We do not rely on outside testing by other sources. We have our own engineering and testing team.
  • We know the equipment and fuel systems used on them.
  • We know the limitations on these equipment and their fuel systems and have the knowledge and solutions on how to overcome them.
  • We have the ability to make changes in programming to meet any special needs of our customers.

Other diesel performance module brands have come up short... or failed completely.





Agricultural Diesel Solutions is committed to taking the extra steps with no short cuts, to create an agricultural diesel performance module that is the ultimate solution to your needs.

We've got the solution...

All module components are 100% factory-inspected and functionally-tested prior to final assembly.

The diesel performance module has a sealed design to protect against non-uniform temperature gradients, humidity, corrosion, and vibration.

Only electronic components meeting “industrial” temperature performance are utilized in our diesel performance module. In many cases, military spec components are used. Electronic design methodologies, technologies, and components are selected to achieve minimal susceptibility to voltage spikes and glitches induced by environmental electromagnetic interference (EMI) and severe-duty environments.

All electrical connections between circuit boards, switches, and wire harnesses are directly soldered, eliminating potential corrosion induced high impedance connections, like opens, shorts, and partial or intermittent connections.

Electronics are “potted” in a slow-cure epoxy compound. All selector switches which are not “potted” are of an inherently sealed design.


Think our AgDiesel performance module is for you? Look for your Ag module online or contact us directly so we can help you find the module for your Agco, Buhler, Challenger, Case, CAT, JBC, John Deere, Massey-Ferguson, New Holland and Versatile. 




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